What is the best method to receive a quote?
If you have a new product, please contact us in person so an Alltec representative may be assigned to you and your program. This will allow us to communicate in detail with you about your program requirements.

If you are requesting a quote for a product you have previously purchased through Alltec, you may simply fill out the form on our RFQ page (see link) and a representative will quickly respond via e-mail with your requested price breaks and lead times.

What file format is needed for part designs?
PDF is best for 2D drawings. 3D CAD models should be submitted as STEP files. If you only have sketches ask about our in-house, mechanical designers who can produce your drawings and models.

How do I send Alltec a larger file for review?
Our e-mail boxes are set up to receive files up to 10meg in size. If your file is larger than please visit our FTP site (see link) and you can quickly and easily upload larger files.

What materials does Alltec have experience in using for injection molding?
Alltec has extensive experience in processing resins ranging from high-tech Aerospace composites to optic grade Zenor. As a custom injection molder with more than three decades of experience, we can mold in almost any resin required to meet your specific program requirements.

What file format is needed for pad printing?
Native Adobe files are best, preferably Illustrator or Freehand. These will allow us to quickly generate the clichés and pads used to imprint your logo and or artwork onto your product/s.

Is our work done in-house or oversees?
Alltec proudly offers the following in-house services: mechanical design, mold tooling fabrication, prototyping, injection molding CNC machining, PAD printing, cable assemblies, final assembly, testing, and fulfillment. We also maintain strategic oversees partnerships to deliver the same capabilities for high volume production requirements.

What production volumes can Alltec handle?
From one to more than one million. Our in-house CNC capabilities enable to rapidly and cost-effectively produce a one-off rapid prototype so you can prove form and function. Our in-house injection molding sweet spot is for programs ranging from 1,000 to 100,000 units per year. For production runs up to and more than 1,000,000 a year, we seamlessly produce with our overseas partners.

Is Alltec ISO certified?
Yes, to the high Aerospace standard of AS9100B along with 9001: 2008.

Can Alltec mold plastics to match a specific custom color?
Yes. A PMS (Pantone Matching System) or CMYK # are the preferred call outs, or a color swatch may be provided to match resin for custom colors or for matching pad printing ink to the colors of your company logo.